Coaching is a very individual approach – depending on the client’s personality, momentary condition and concerns.

The tool box is well equipped with f. ex.:

  • Kinesiology
  • Wingwave
  • Drama Triangle
  • Inner Team
  • Role plays
  • Walk’n Talk
  • Emotion Code
  • mindmapping
  • Matrix Power
  • Systemic  Placements
  • and so on….

The coachee (client) stays solution expert: He/She discovers his/her own resources and finds new approaches and options and room for action. Recognition of sources and solutions and realizing changes is hard work but relief is the client’s reward!


Sabine Rosner - a powerful partner for a symbiotic team work

Sabine is pharmacist and after decades of research has achieved great experience in the botanical effects and impact on human beings. She is an alternative practitioner with a very special ability to sense the real source of a problem.

We work together in symbiosis for people who have issues going really deep and which are inveterate. Sabine works with homeopathy and especially with chakra essences which help support people in their transformation in a naturally healthy way.

Link to Sabine Rosner


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