• In private as in professional surroundings conflicts can escalate.  With the help of mediation opposing participants can approach solutions together.
  • The mediator is impartial and solely an intermediary who creates a safe ground for communication.  All participants and the mediator are bound to discreetness.
  • The mediator steers the process with no personal opinion concerning the conflict’s contents and no validation of the participants‘ ideas and suggestions.
  • The purpose is an out-of-court settlement with a deed of arrangement that every participant accepts, signs and feels bound to.



How do you share an orange between 2 people?


The judge cuts the orange in 2 halves: for both acceptable but disappointing, too.

The mediator asks both in turn: „What does this orange mean to you?“

The one person needs its juice and its vitamin C for curing a bad cold.

The other needs the peels‘ aroma for baking a cake for a friend.

All of a sudden they both look at each other: They’ve found the solution!



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